When somebody calls him or write about him saying “he is the father of the breed”, it makes him feel himself in many ways. One of them reminds him his responsibility in keeping the real quality of the Spanish Water Dog about his working conditions and beauty.

There are more people everyday looking for information in Internet about the Spanish Water Dog. As they do about other subjects. Unfortunatly many of those persons giving information are people only interested in selling dogs (more o less S.W.D.) without any cares about the standard, working skills, type and temperament of the S.W.D.

There are several versions about the standard in differents web sites what is confusing people who are, for the first time trying to find something about the breed. The breed official standard, the final one and the one accepted by the official club breed: La Asociación Española del Perro de Agua Español, THE SPANISH KENNEL CLUB (LA REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA) AND THE INTERNATIONAL CANIN FEDERATION, with the number 336 is the one to have in mind for breeding and getting a S.W.D.

It is impossible to control what people advertise, writing is easy and so is telling lies.

The breed is a new fashion breed everywhere and specially in United States and Europe. There are many people using internet to get rid of S.W.D. that here in Spain never enterer their dogs in shows or working exhibitions as they do not need it because the American or European dogs buyer pays enough dollars or euros for “anything with curly hair” that they receive.

He receives many complaints of S.W.D. owners that got a pup through Internet and it is not what they expected as they had read and seen about the breed.

A Spanish Water Dogs is a living being that will give you 14 or 16 years of grateful service and company.

To get a dog is not a birthday or Christmas whim. It is to accept a new member in your family with its advantages and inconvenients. So, when somebody wants a dog, it has to be very well thought, find real information about the breed, parents, place where it was bred.

We recommend to go directly to the breeders house or kennel, no matter where it is and choose the one you like best.

To raise the breed to the current level cost him many years of hard work.

There are some new breeders talking advantage of this good situation and like “dogs farmes” they do not care about any relationship, aptitudes, temperaments or good breed selection, they only want to sell dogs and as many as possible. No matter how their parents could be.

There are some champions shown in Internet and dogs magazines that following the standard have more defects that virtues. They show off with the championship titles got in shows without competition. All is well to make a good marketing to sell “anything with curly hair”.

There are, anyway, honest breeders trying to set things right with a good breeding selection renewing blood frecuently and looking for working quality in first place and then the beauty for shows.

Two ways that must always go together to preserve this historical patrimony that he found untouched forty-five years ago and that nobody has rights to destroy.