A Longevity Record

Summer of 1999 (July 28), it seems like yesterday, yet more than 18 years have passed since we embarked on a journey from Murcia to Ubrique to meet Antonio García Pérez. We were warmly welcomed by him and his family, as well as by the large family of the Spanish Water Dog. We wanted a female, and Antonio appeared with one: chocolate-colored with white socks, a white neck, and part of her chest, a little doll, a plush toy you just wanted to cuddle. We called her Cala, her official name being Lamocala de Ubrique, daughter of Lasso de Ubrique and Mokeh de Ubrique.

She grew up healthy, with love, lots of play, and many tennis balls, her great passion. Faithful, obedient, sociable, affectionate yet independent, an tireless worker—she always wanted to be with us everywhere. When we walked as a family and let her loose, she treated us like a flock of sheep, always surrounding us at every moment to ensure her particular flock did not disperse.

Strong as an oak, she only needed good food, love, walks, and toys to work with—a happy and devoted dog. In her long life, she only visited the vet twice for reasons other than routine vaccinations.

Brave and determined, she protected her family—even once confronting an intruder whom she intimidated by climbing on top of her owner and growling like a lioness, knowing that was her duty at that moment without anyone ever telling her what to do. Just as another time, walking near a pond with ducks, without hesitation she jumped into the water to chase them, returning tired of swimming shortly after—it was incredible, Cala.

She has been and will always be the breed of our life, overflowing with tenderness, giving us love without asking for anything in return. She left us 18 years and 3 months later (October 26, 2017), with test results that young dogs would envy. The veterinarian told me he had never seen anything like it, so old and yet so healthy, only a stroke that paralyzed her left side could defeat her.

Proud to have contributed to giving her a long and good life, yet saddened by her departure, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great work Antonio and his family do, a lifetime dedicated to this incomparable, irreplaceable, and pure breed.

The best companion our family could have had.

Warm regards,
Jose Madrigal and family

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