Are we ready to have a Spanish Water Dog?

What does it mean to have a dog? Is it just a birthday gift, or a Christmas present? Is it meant only to satisfy another of our cravings? How do we know that we are prepared at home to have a dog for fifteen or more years? Would a psychological test be necessary to know if we are capable or not of living with a dog as another member the family?

If I were a Spanish Water Dog, with whom, where, and how would I like to live? With a good pastor or goathearder, helping him work with his cattle? But what would I hope for in return? Good food, attention, and a nice bed?

If I were a fisherman or seaman’s dog, would like to go with him on his boat to help him to catch dying fish floating in the water or would I stay at the port to jump around in the water and pick up the mooring lines of his boat and bring them ashore?

If I were a hunter’s dog, would I be scared of the firing of his shotgun, by the animals that he would want us to chase?

If I were the dog of a surfer, would I like to get on his board with him?

And if I were a football player’s dog, would I like that he bring me to his practices to run behind the ball while some players passed it to others?

If I were the dog of a paralyzed person, how would I treat him? Would I help him to better make do?

If I were the dog of some very lively children, would I go on adventures with them? Would I jump on their beds or on the sofas in the livingroom?

If I were the dog of a presenter of dogshows, would I be a mere statue, like a robot or toy doll, like a stupid clown just to satify his whims and shallowness although I would never understand them?

If I were the dog of a fireman, policeoffice or security guard, what would I have to do? Look for drugs, explosives, or missing peope?

Why do I, a Spanish Water Dog, have to do all this work? Because I am alive because I have been a dog used for work all of my life, and to that ends I owe my existence…

Please, possible owner of mine, dont chain me up, don’t lock me in a kennel, don’t condemn me to a terrace or patio. I will conform to your way of being and living, to your environment, and I will respect and love you as long as I live. What do you think your contribution to our long relationship should be? Please think about this before bringing a dog into your life– that we may love our dogs for life and never abandon our loved ones.