Tips for Acquiring a Puppy

Thank you for your interest in my breed. Allow me to tell you what I consider most important to keep in mind when acquiring a Spanish Water Dog:

It’s a decision that will change your life and that of those living with you, as the dog will become another family member who will typically be with you for about 15 years (this must always be taken into account, as dogs are not as long-lived as humans). It also means you won’t be able to enter all the places you want to go: bars, restaurants, beaches, public buildings in general, etc. It means you will always be responsible for all aspects of the dog’s life. The owner of a dog shapes, educates, or trains it responsibly so that its behavior is ideal as a companion, working dog, assistance dog, therapy dog, competitor, etc.

The most important thing when choosing a puppy is that the character of its parents is as balanced as possible: loyal, gentle, friendly, affectionate (towards us and towards others entering the home), never timid, distrustful, bored, apathetic, showing sadness or insecurity, aggressive, excessive barkers, or even biters (there are no excuses from the breeder if they do not allow you to play with the parents to see if they enjoy chasing after a ball or similar). In other words, when they hear you speaking to them in a soft, kind, loving tone, etc., they wag their tail as a sign of acceptance. If the parents are like this… your puppy is very likely to be as well. Don’t rely on claims that their parents won in this or that beauty show (where they were “short-leashed,” restrained and subdued against their will in most cases, or hungry and desperate, attentive to their handler for a chance to grab a piece of sausage).

I have seen dogs win shows that, if let loose from their owners’ leash, would run wildly, trembling with fear and insecurity… eager to return to their cage, to their owner’s car…

Antonio García Pérez.

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