Yesterday Alegría Died.

Yesterday, May 25, 2018, suddenly and unexpectedly, Alegría left us at the age of 14. Our diving champion Leonpilic de Ubrique was normal, as always, very active and eager to play with her inseparable tennis ball… In the days leading up, as usual, she had been swimming and diving at the beach, dominant among the other female dogs and marking as if she were a very confident male in her territories. Yes, a simple snore and instant heart attack, she didn’t even have time to say goodbye…

Alegría marked a style of diving in a spiral, twisting her whole body over and over to reach the bottom and retrieve the object that had been thrown, or that she herself would throw, spending hours on end at the edge of the pool tossing objects into the water to fetch them. She didn’t need anyone to play with her, she was always quite independent; yet very loyal and obedient, dominating and the leader of all females, respecting only the old Cibelina, who left us this past January 6 at the age of 17.

In beauty shows, she achieved CACs and CACIBs because she had elegance, presence, style, and spectacular movement; but she was white, nearly white, and was born light cinnamon; however, dogs that are white, beige, cream, the lighter ones rarely win the breed or the mandatory points… There!!! why could that be…???

I could write much more about Alegría, she was an excellent hunter, she hated rats and killed many around our house, she also caught some rabbits… She was one of the bravest and most confident dogs we’ve ever had. Her father LEON, Ch. Pontlajac de Ubrique, also left us this year; he lived in Sweden with Jenny Linderot, and I was with him in February walking through the snowy Swedish fields.

Gradually, the time comes for our water dogs, who fortunately die of old age, and in Alegría’s case, she knew how to live until she died well. She will always be in our memory…

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